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Our Story

Treysar is a kitchen of longing: the longing and hunger for the flavors, colors, aromas, and textures of the upcoming season, after savoring the last bites of the previous season.

This longing brings about an appetite, the relishing of the present, the appreciation of nature and its process, while simultaneously stoking anticipation for the next creative venture in the kitchen.

This longing serves as a starting

point in the story I'm cooking up.

Like in every story, this story has a hero, a time, a location, and a narrator. The raw material is the hero of my story. I consider the taste, smell, color, and the way it was grown in my selection. Every ingredient is treated with respect, and that's what makes it worthy of consumption.

The story spans twelve seasons, a dozen, or as it is known in Hebrew – "Treysar." At Treysar,

we embrace micro-seasonality, where the produce of the land cycles frequently from one growth period to the next, and we follow and sustain these transformations.

Our story is located in a small space overlooking the sea above the Farmer's Market at TLV Port, a location that serves as the mise-en-scène for the romance and

intimacy in our story. Treysar is located in Hangar 12.

Have we mentioned Treysar – a dozen – yet?

The Narrator, this is the kitchen, this is us.

We aim to let the hero take center stage.

Every touch the raw ingredient receives,

from the moment it is harvested to the moment it graces the plate, has significance. As the Narrator, we strive to disturb our hero as little as possible.


The Chef

I am Aner Ben Rafael Furman, and I have been cooking for 20 years in the kitchens of Israel.

Throughout my culinary journey,

I have selected and prepared dishes using ingredients sourced from the fertile land that surrounds me.

I have been the chef and owner of the restaurants Alter, Igra Rama, and Munnar,

and have appeared as the chef and host of the television program "Dinner of a Lifetime" on Israel's Public Channel Kan 11.

The next chapters in my story will be written here in Treysar.

I invite you to join us in the creation of this story.

Treysar's mustard flower symbol

Offer a special culinary experience, a gift of flavors and memories

A digital gift card for a meal at Treysar


The Place



Nemal Tel Aviv St 12

Opening Hours



18:00 – 21:30

Monday - Friday

18:00 - 21:30


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